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This game was made in 48 hours for GlobalGameJam 2020 with the theme "Repair".

"Yargh! Me ship an' me crew be lost at sea! Better get ta' repairing before i get sent to Davy Jones' Locker, says I!".
repair your wrecked ship with floating debris and save your crew-mates from the tides in a swashbuckling fun adventure!

Made by:

Programming  - Gal Lahat (@Gal_Lahat)

Art - Asaf Gazit (@Gaziter)

Music - Amitai shem tov (@PaleTreker)

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, ggj20, Global Game Jam, Pirates, Pixel Art, recrew


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Recrew.zip 73 MB


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I've see a YouTube video about this 2 years ago I forgot its name after 2 years of searching I finally found it again. I love the graphics can't wait to play once im back home.

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Good game but is very long 😉


I love this game. Played it many times until the end.

I have build a ship it was a very very long time 1:30 h  and at the end the water was going away :(

But it is a nice game

Well that was a fun demo.
I loved the aesthetic and general flow, would definetly get a full game, if there ever is one!


Thank you guys for your incredible game, loved it!
I can't believe that you made this in the GGJ AMAZING! My game was not that great :D

I posted a youtube video in Spanish. Ty again!

That was awesome!

Fantastic idea! Why don't you finish it and turn into a real game? It can be big!

Really enjoyed playing recrew! got lost in it to be honest and broke it at the end :P

My ship just sailed off the edge of the world :P

Here it is falling into oblivion! but highly recommend playing, its good fun!


Made a video

Jolly good matey!
Great concept, awesome pixel art, catchy music.
Very fun game! I kept building after saving the crew, up until sinking my ship with weight.

A couple of suggestions I think worth considering:
- Give player the ability to rotate debris before attaching (thus changing weight distribution)
- Dynamic environment, such as encountering obstacles that damage ship forcing player to change strategy and rebalance

This game is a winner, keep up the good work bucko!

I enjoyed this game, it was surprisingly more difficult than I expected. Though it frustrated me a little that I kept loosing it was still so much fun. What a unique idea, keep up the wonderful game development.

Consider watching the video where I play this game second!

this game was surprisingly fun i had spent awhile in game though trying to make the biggest boat possible and instead of dying i fell off the edge of the world it was quite funny to just see my boat fly off the world

Adorable & tons of fun. I hope there will be a bigger version with more crew members to save... and maybe some rough weather. :)

Great job on the game! It's nice that you can keep on playing after rescuing all crewmates. Here's my ship. The foretop(wo)man got sent off-screen for reasons :D

Amazing game, congratulations !

I'm in love with the music. Do you have any plans to release the soundtrack?


I did my pirate homework as well.
Really enjoyed it. Lots of fun!


Honestly what a great little gamejam game. Solid aesthetics, cohesive style. Fun mechanic.


Perfectly sea-worthy.


short and sweet, i love it! the only problem (which isn't ) is that i couldn't level my ship lol drove me bonkers


amazingly boat shaped

Great work!

Great game

i cant download this thought the client it says no compatable package fonu

its a zip file

extract it

haha, I enjoyed playing this, really fun, good job :D