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-Hyper diapers-

A game about keeping your hyper babies safe from the dangers of the house!

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How to play:

Your mouse! you click to drag babies around, get them out of dangerous red objects, and put them inside blue objects to make them wait.  (and think about what they just did!)


Made by Gal Lahat & @Gaziter for Ludum Dare #40. ("the more you have the worse it gets")

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Arcade, baby, Casual, Cute, Ludum Dare 40, Minimalist, Pixel Art
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Lol )

I very like your game ,the performance was just as good, and I think that's a great Israeli pride.

I'd love if you take a look at my games as well. 


i would enoy a 32 bit version.

Super cool game! I made a video of it myself, definitely deserves more attention!


Could you make this game for mac please?

buy windows, problem resolved.

I played it. As a single mother. I find it very hilariously accurate sometimes XD well, in the hyper part. My kid is super energetic. tho he does not fly like that nor goes in the fridge and oven. GOOD JOB!! I LOVED IT!!

Fun little game, great job!

My gameplay: 

it no work on x86 :c


Had a lot of fun. As a parent with a 2 year old and a newborn, I can relate.

horror game. HAHAHHAAH I loved your gameplay. I played it too.. I will subscribe to your channel!

Such a hectic but fun game! I had loads of fun playing and laughed a lot.  It's a well made game that's really enjoyable :D

Well done!

Im also considering never having children after playing this..

Enjoyed this parent simulator hahahah kidding not on the enjoyment part though. I really did enjoy your game. I'm not great at juggling  objects. Yikes not that kids are objects. Managing all those kids though is quite the task. Great game!

And here is my lets play. This game is nuts but awesome.


SOOOO many babies. This gets really Chaotic but it is sooo fun

about as big as it gets


for some reason i cant click on the start screen. anyone help?

It's fun, polished, and fit the LD theme so well! Really great job on the game! 

I love this game! It's so much fun, and I loved the little easter egg babies, even if a few might have died lol! I made a video I hope you enjoy! 

Super fun quick game! Very stressful but had lot's of fun with it! Well done! 

This was impossible and stressed me out to no end, but still insanely fun! I'll admit this fits the Ludum Dare theme perfect and definitly tested my multitasking abilities! I did make a small gameplay video on it and if you got the chance to check it out I'd really appreciate it! Amazing game, keep up the great work! 

Deceptively hard but very fun! Never going to be a parent but this is how I always Imagined life would be like if I was  XD 

baaaddd babies


So much fun :3 -Dani

Cool game! I really enjoyed playing it  ^-^

super jeu !

Hey hope You don't mind I did a video of your game. I found the game enjoyable it was simple and nice and very silly xD , was surprise at how much jumping power these little devils had. The parents need to learn when to stop making babies they are just making it more challenging haha . 

Erm if i had to complain about anything then I felt like the bath is a little faraway and I should be able to cram 2 babies inside that wardrobe/cupboard . (but ya know that just minor things and my opinion). Anyway lovely game, love the baby with the Top hat is amazing.