Little people fight with hammers, as the name suggests.
you can fight with a friend, or two friends, or with yourself (don't play with yourself, its sad...)

Note: this game is a prototype, it is not good or fun.

Red player: 

A : Right

D :  Left

C  : Jump

V :  Swing

Blue player:

LeftArrow :  Left

RightArrow : Right

Num-0  : Jump

Num-Del :  Swing

Yellow Player:

H : Left

K :  Right 

">" : Jump

"/" :  Swing

Gal Lahat - coding
Asaf Gazit - art and stuff
Amitai - music


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i like it! the spritework kinda reminds me of the bullet kin from enter the gungeon, but still, Nice party game

The game is very fun to play even alone. I've played with friends and it was absolute carnage in a very fun way this could be an absolute crazy fighter game , i loved it continue this way