Little people fight with hammers, as the name suggests.
you can fight with a friend, or two friends, or with yourself (don't play with yourself, its sad...)

Note: this game is a prototype, it is not good or fun.

Red player: 

A : Right

D :  Left

C  : Jump

V :  Swing

Blue player:

LeftArrow :  Left

RightArrow : Right

Num-0  : Jump

Num-Del :  Swing

Yellow Player:

H : Left

K :  Right 

">" : Jump

"/" :  Swing

Gal Lahat - coding
Asaf Gazit - art and stuff
Amitai - music


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The game is very fun to play even alone. I've played with friends and it was absolute carnage in a very fun way this could be an absolute crazy fighter game , i loved it continue this way